Rabbi Katy Z. Allen Eco-Rabbi and Chaplain
Rabbi Katy Z. Allen                                                       Eco-Rabbi and Chaplain

What Can We Do?


What Can We Do? What MORE Can We Do?

Climate change is so overwhelming that it is easy to not know where to start and what to do. This facilitated conversation can help participants see the options before them of what they can do for the planet and for future generations, both as individuals and as a congregation.


Holistic Bentshmarking

In the context of Jewish texts, discuss what it would mean to assess your community in the face of climate disruption. Where are you in terms of energy usage, how your money is invested, your food and waste stream, your indoor and outdoor ecosystems, your use of transportation, your level of knowledge, your action and advocacy together, and perhaps most importantly, your spiritual well-being?


We Want to be Heard!

Provide a time for teens and tweens to express their concerns about their future and offer their ideas of what they and their families can to do make a difference.



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