Rabbi Katy Z. Allen Eco-Rabbi and Chaplain
Rabbi Katy Z. Allen                                                       Eco-Rabbi and Chaplain

Shabbat for the Earth


Shabbat for the Earth

Transform your Shabbat service into a meaningful “Shabbat for the Earth” service.  Kavaanot [intentions], meditations, and contemplations in relation to  traditional prayers and congregant's personal experiences will connect them to Earth. The service can also be enhanced by a d’var Torah on the weekly parashah (Torah portion), Torah study, or a Bibliodrama (see below) that includes a connection to the Earth.


Torah and Earth

Engage in Torah study that relates to environmental issue and the Earth in a way that enables participants to observe and better understand their own place in the world and what that means for them.



Bibliodrama is a combination of scholarship and art, Bible and drama. It combines a close reading of biblical texts with searching, imaginative questions and offers people of all ages and levels of knowledge an opportunity to experience a method of highly creative study. Bring Bibliodrama to your synagogue and allow people to walk into the text and experience it first-hand in a way that they will never forget. Texts chosen will include a connection to the Earth. 


Click here to learn more about Bibliodrama.

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