Rabbi Katy Z. Allen Eco-Rabbi and Chaplain
Rabbi Katy Z. Allen                                                       Eco-Rabbi and Chaplain

Sacred Texts Workshops


Sacred Texts: Our Interconnectedness

Our lives are informed by four kinds of sacred texts: the texts of our tradition, the texts of our lives, the texts of the Earth, and the texts of our communal experiences. When we connect two or more of these sacred texts, each one takes on a deeper meaning.


Rabbi Katy can provide a variety of different interactive workshops that explore the interconnectedness of these four kinds of sacred texts.


Participants have the opportunity to engage with sacred texts of meaning, to tell their story of connection to Earth and its inhabitants, and to find strength, courage, and meaning in the face of climate change.


Through a series of meditations and journaling exercises interspersed with voluntary sharing circles, workshop participants can explore their personal web of texts for this particular moment in time. Through their exploration, they will be invited to consider what sacred messages they may be receiving about how they are meant to go forward in the world. 


Other options are also available.


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