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Nature Memories Workshop


About Nature Memories

Hannah Hinchman posits that we have been taught to think of our childhoods as something to recover from, and she suggests revisiting our childhood and adolescence by means of a nature journal that will form a new portrait of “the you that lived on the ground under the sky."  Her claim that re-remembering our childhood experiences in nature can be healing is supported by neuroscience research showing that the act of remembering can change our memories.


Nature Memories Workshop

This workshop is based on these ideas, as well as the concept that connecting memories to texts that give meaning to our lives also brings healing.


The workshop begins with an introduction to nature journaling, including brief explorations of existing nature journals. There is time to remember experiences in nature from childhood and adolescence, to record these memories through words and/or drawings, and to connect the memories to poetry, sacred writings, or other meaningful texts.


If location permits, a meditative walk through the woods, taking time to watch and listen, and to record the sights and sounds through words, drawings, or photographs can be part of the experience. After the walk, participants explore connections between childhood memories and experiences during the meditative walk or other recent experiences of nature and to add these to their reflections. Time is provided for sharing memories and reflections on the  experience.



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