Rabbi Katy Z. Allen Eco-Rabbi and Chaplain
Rabbi Katy Z. Allen                                                       Eco-Rabbi and Chaplain

From Grief to Hope 

From Grief and Despair to Hope and Joy: 

Staying Strong in an Age of Climate Crisis

Faith and hope are indescribable sources of strength we carry deep in our hearts and souls, nurtured by elements of gratitude, wonder, interconnectedness, acknowledged reality, felt grief, and imagined future possibilities. In an age of climate crisis, how can we access and maintain deeper levels of faith and hope to sustain us in both our personal lives and in our activism for the planet?


Under Rabbi Katy's grounded guidance, and with the use of ancient and modern texts to help open the doors of emotion and the prayers of the heart, participants will have the opportunity to explore gratitude, despair, and other emotional responses to the state of the planet. There will be time for sharing circles, personal reflection, text study, being outdoors, art and/or storytelling.



Contact Rabbi Katy:

237 Old Connecticut Path
Wayland, MA, 01778

Phone: 508-358-5996

Email: rabbi@mayantikvah.org

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