Rabbi Katy Z. Allen Eco-Rabbi and Chaplain
Rabbi Katy Z. Allen                                                       Eco-Rabbi and Chaplain

For Clergy Only


For Clergy Only (either Jewish only, or interfaith)

Climate change is an incredibly frightening concept and creates a background anxiety in many of us, including those of religious and spiritual leaders. But the naturally difficult emotions about climate change can interfere with the way clergy provide spiritual leadership on one of the biggest challenges humanity has ever faced. This workshop provides a safe space for rabbis and cantors (and ministers, priests, etc.) to become more aware of the inner roots of their anxieties and hesitation to address climate change in their communities.


Rabbi Katy will also address options of how to initiate discussions and delve deeper on the topic with different groups within a community.



Contact Rabbi Katy:

237 Old Connecticut Path
Wayland, MA, 01778

Phone: 508-358-5996

Email: rabbi@mayantikvah.org

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